Jay Baxter CPA of Oglesby IL.
  Financial Planning

Tariq Siddiquie said, "If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail."

Because of our training, education, and experience, we can help you be successful through our planning and consulting services. Our planning and consulting services take many forms. These services may be as simple as meeting and discussing your ideas and problems, to formal reports analyzing the idea or problem, possible solutions and plans to implement. The following is a list of issues in which we may assist:

    • Starting a business:
      • Discuss your idea and help you refine it
      • Play devil's advocate, help you identify risks and potential problems
      • Decide whether to incorporate or form a Limited Liability Company
      • Apply for federal and state identification numbers
      • Register with the state
      • Decide how to set up your accounting system
    • Financing a start-up or expansion:
      • Preparation of financial projections and cash flows
      • Assist in finding lending institution and negotiation terms
      • Prepare applications for SBA and other loan programs
    • Assist in software selection and utilization
    • Cash management
    • Debit restructuring for business and individuals
    • Tax planning
    • Retirement planning for individuals
    • Selection of retirement plans for businesses
    • Divorce financial and tax issues
    • Succession planning
    • Sale of business
  • For a free initial consultation regarding all of our accounting, bookkeeping, and consulting services call Jay Baxter CPA at 815-883-3500.